Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where did the time go?

This morning I am the only one up in my house and so I am drinking a big cup of coffee and taking a minute to attempt my "2 blog posts a week, " challenge.  (It's almost a little too quiet in the house....wait, what am I saying?!?!?!)

My sweet friend called several weeks ago and asked if I would be one of the speakers at the Ladies Workshop they were planning at their church.  There was a list of topics of which I wasn't truly qualified to speak on any, but I said yes.  -Side note:  All of my life I have worked with children.  I have an Early Childhood Ed degree, I had always wanted to be a teacher, I taught public school for years, coordinated preschool department at church, taught children classes at church and have written curriculum.  BUT for some reason the past 2 years God has really put it on my heart to step into women's ministry.  

When we were ironing out the details sweet friend said (in her sweet friend voice), "and I really need you to speak on time management and reducing stress."  It's ok- you can laugh...I did.  I said "Oh honey, I am not your girl!"  

I guess I should open up my mind and heart because I am pretty sure God is trying to teach me a lesson here!
 So, in 24 hours I will be presenting a lesson title "Where Did the Time Go- Reclaiming your Schedule for His Glory." And yes, as I am seeing through studying for this lesson- I am learning so much.   I will tell you all about it as the weekend progresses but for now I want to share a few things I found on Pinterest (via NatSprat) that I am printing to put in my planner as a little reminder of who should be in control of my schedule.

So as you  plan the rest of your week and the weeks to come, keep these little jewels in mind.
And-say a little prayer for me this weekend that God will use me to say what these women need to hear and that He will open my heart (and schedule) to be transformed.

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