Friday, September 21, 2012

Being his best friend...

When I read this post on Pinterest I knew I would have to share it with you!  
You love the man you married- of course you do, but years, kids and houses later are you still best friends???  Here is a fabulous reminder from Danielle at Fancy Little Things giving us 7 Ways to be Your Spouses Best Friend....

7 Ways to Be Your Spouse’s Best Friend

A marriage exists between a husband and a wife.  A great marriage exists between a husband and a wife who are best friends.
Dave and I were friends for an entire summer before we ever started dating.  It was the ease of our conversation, the similar interests and fact that we just enjoyed each other’s company that was the kindling for sparks of romance.  Maybe your relationship started out much in the same way.
So, are you still friends?  Best friends?  I always tell my 5-year old, “You have to be a friend to have a friend.”

1. Have fun together!  Don’t just do the work together, do the fun together too!  My brother and sister-in-law used to play in a volleyball league together for years while their girls were young.  It was a built-in date night, got them with other friends, and was something they both enjoyed!

2. Get excited about the things they get excited about!  If it isn’t necessarily your ‘cup of tea’, so what!  Try a sip!  You may just like it.  My husband has loved baseball since he was a small boy.  I never watched it much, and quite frankly didn’t think it was too interesting.  But after watching Ken Burn’s documentary on it, learning the roots in American history, hearing about some of the great players and asking LOTS of questions during games, I have learned to love it too!

3. Know their story, their weaknesses, their fears…and love them anyway.  Isn’t that what best friends are for?  Remember our theme verse this month, “A friend loves at all times…” (Proverbs 17:17).  I know I’m particularly hard to love in the mornings (and not very loving myself), but thank God my husband loves me anyway! :-)

4. Make them feel good about themselves!  Would you call someone who only makes you feel worthless and insecure your friend?  Certainly not.  Affirm their best qualities.  Celebrate their wins!

5. Call out the best in them.  One of the blessings of a true best friend is that they can speak the truth to us when no one else will.  Hold each other accountable to be everything God called you both to be.

6. Extend grace & forgiveness.  Even the best of friends have a bad day, say a hurtful things, disappoint us in some way.  Offer the grace in those moments that you’d want in return.  My favorite radio pastor, James MacDonald, says “There are no enduring relationships without forgiveness.”  If you want a friendship that lasts, a marriage that endures, you must forgive both big & small.

7. Put them first!  Don’t let your spouse just be one of your friends.  Don’t just let your spouse be a best friend.  Make them your most important friend!  Your relationship with your spouse should come before any other relationship in your life, short of your relationship with the Lord.

Do you have other ways you keep the friendship in your marriage strong?  Please share!

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