Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinteresting- Fashion Frenzy

One of the new feature spots for Blogging Doodle will be "Pinteresting"- of course some of my favorite things from PINTEREST!  If you are not a member of the Pinterest community, well....after you read this post, go straight to Pinterest and get going!  And if you want to see all the things I love and projects on my "someday" list, you can follow me here.

Even though we are in the middle of winter, here in crazy Oklahoma, Spring has already moved in...  Of course we can't put up the parkas and boots just yet (Oklahoma is notorious for abrupt weather changes) but it is time to freshen up things a bit as we move into the actual spring season.  Here are a few things I have seen on Pinterest that I want to make happen in my closet...  Every girls needs a little bit of color...and a little bit of leopard print!

 Happy window shopping!