Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest, a purse and a planner

There are three things I am loving right now- aside from my wonderful hubby & precious kiddos-  I guess I should start with Pinterest.   I am sure that all of you are familiar with this addicting phenomenon... As you can guess, I have spent a lot of time scrolling through the amazing pins people have collected from around the world.  Well, Pinterest started my obsession with this purse (the second thing I am loving:)
I just LOVED IT!  It would be perfect with the boots I bought at TJMAXX (the pair I bought this summer just anticipating fall.)  I was already picturing it with outfits (again that I was gleaning from Pinterest) and planning on how I would be packing it full of everything I drag along with me everywhere I go.  So, I was on the hunt.  Unfortunately it was Banana Republic circa 2005.  But after searching and searching I found one I could afford on Ebay (YAY!)  So if you see me anytime soon you will get to see the fab bag too!  (All that to say, I blame that irrational obsession on Pinterest :)

The third thing that I am LOVING these days is this planner from Erin Concrad:

Knowing my infatuation with all things organizational, a couple of my friends bought this for me for my birthday and I tote it around everywhere (in my fab bag of course.)  There are monthly pages, weekly pages, pockets and even a zipper pouch.  There are lots of great styles to choose from and each planner is personalized just for you.  It also came with several "extras" like personalized sticker labels and spiral clips.  Stop by and grab the perfect one for you!   

So kick off fall by grabbing a cup of coffee and browsing Pinterest for awhile, find that perfect bag you've been wanting and pick a planner to keep your life organized :)  Happy Fall!

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